Church inside

 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free                                           John 8:32

 We the members of The Greater Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church recognize that the Word of God is the illumination that guides our daily life; therefore, we urgently grasp for the truth of His word.  This urgency is spurred by the knowledge that grasping the truth of God’s word will make our families stronger, our relationships honest, our deportment respectful and our love for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ sincere.

Therefore Greater Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church is totally devoted to teaching the truth about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through Biblical scriptures.  We believe that God speaks to us through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

Therefore it is our purpose and passion to minister to others as we allow God’s Word to run free because we know that the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ is how we are set free in order to maintain a personal relationship with God.